Achieve Success

Alta Vista Graphics can work with your company to achieve success in terms of direct marketing results.

Print Optimization

It starts with a powerful, customer-specific, online print management tool that streamlines the ordering process for printed materials. This secure web enabled application allows for easy management of company specific print production needs. You control which products and services you want to be managed on the site and you can customize how your company logo and brand properties are applied to each item. Regardless of the number of products and/or services offered, or the number of brands or sub-brands you manage, our system offers you a simple point-and-click solution for online management.

AltaVistaDirect® will improve your company┬╣s overall printing efficiency, help to maintain better inventory controls and, ultimately, result in significant savings. You are able to analyze your fulfillment and print management decisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All reports can be imported into Microsoft Excel® for additional analysis and record keeping. AltaVistaDirect® integrates with enterprise procurement systems such as Ariba, SAP, and Oracle using the industry standard cXML protocol. AltaVistaDirect® supports the Transparent Punchout process.