Direct Marketing

Marketing Communications Mix

Alta Vista Graphics carefully coordinates marketing communications mixes that deliver clear, consistent and compelling messages about client organizations and brands.

Data Analytics

We utilize our data analytics and market segmentation tools to target existing customers, identify ‘look-a-like’ customers and get your message into the right hands. We eliminate ‘waste’ by limiting distribution to potential leads. We also leverage personal and relevant information on each prospect to customize the message. Image Personalization and Purls (Personalized URLs) immediately attract the interest of the reader and deliver a call to action.

AGC understands the importance of safe guarding and protecting the integrity of our customers’ sensitive data. We have taken the necessary steps to create a series of privacy and safe guarding processes and procedures which comply with national guidelines.

Examples of such processes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Our employees are trained in how to properly handle data and understand the importance of non-disclosure. Every employee must sign a confidentiality agreement annually.
  • Company and/or client specific work instructions are developed to ensure that client files and correspondences are protected from misuse. Thorough quality control checks are performed to ensure compliance.
  • Secure FTP sites are in place to receive and transfer data.